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Blood Money 

Intimately Interactive Openings: 

August 10 7-10p + August 11th 5-8p


On view through August 19th

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On view through 8/10 - 8/19

An intimately interactive art show brought together by sex workers and allies curated by Caroline Caldwell, Mistress Sybil and Mistress Niko


Stoya  \  Molly Crabapple  \  Maidenfed  \  Heather Benjamin  \  Exotic Dancer  \  Caroline Caldwell  Laur Duvall  \  Kathryn Kane  \  Emily McMaster  \  Niko  \  Slime Pony  \  Weroniko Reps  \  Emily Tat  \  Yana Toyber  \  Ruth Merwin

Two nights (August 10 + 11) of interactive openings will take place at the gallery. Exhibition is on view and for sale through August 19th. Not to be missed, but not for the faint of heart. 


"What the hell is happening at Lucas Lucas gallery in Brooklyn?"

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