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" A Rip in the Tide"

A Solo Show of Hand Cut Paper

by Sophie C'est la Vie

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June 14 - July 15

“A Rip in the Tide” is a collection of pieces that represent the reflection of the untamed wild undertones that are present in raw emotion. Thru action and in silence, emotions bring out the deepest parts of our beings that we may not necessarily even imagine exposing. The images depicted show a juxtaposition between the primal and the poised, a metaphor of the illusion of being in control. Emotions unrolled, sometimes sudden and intense, like a rip in the tide. Each piece was hand cut by the artist and a reflection of a thought, mood or feeling at one point in time. 

Blood Money 

August 10 - 19th

Interactive Opening Party August 10 7-10p

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"What the hell is happening at Lucas Lucas gallery in Brooklyn?"

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