Where It Started

Where It Started


“Where It Started” (Medium)

19.5”x31.5” Acrylic and Resin on Canvas

CLAUDIA SANTISO  |  Claudia Santiso is a self taught multi disciplinary from nyc. Her paintings explore the human desire and imagination for travel and escapism. To get out, or in to one self. To travel to distant lands, outer space perhaps, the depths of the ocean, the caves in ourselves. Is such desire for wander an instinctual part of humanity? Have we evolved to a point where travel is part of our consciousness as it bares witness to a reality beyond our present moment. Our presence. An indulgence of our imagination not just a migratory pattern of survival. At what point will the beautiful images rendered courtesy of Hubble and NASA, become haunting images of maps and routes we will have to conquer to survive. How far will our environmental impact push us. What will the evolution of our presence become on this planet. Or beyond.

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