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“Life on Spaceship Earth”

Paintings by Alexis Kandra 9/20 - 10/13

Opening Reception Friday, September 20th 6-9p

Email Stacie Lucas at with any inquiries.

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This Artist Paints Endangered Animals to Remind Us What We’re Fighting For

-Earther by Gizmodo, September 2019

Feminist Ceramics: Infinitas x Incognita “The next exhibition at Lucas Lucas… dips its toes into the mysterious.”

-Bedford + Bowery, March 2019

Lucas Lucas to Present New Birth-Inspired Exhibit, Magna Chroma

-Greenpointers, February 2019

In questioning corrupt hierarchies, Jen [Dwyer] has created a range of porcelain mirrors, candelabras, and diversified vessels in her debut solo exhibition, “Not For You, Bunny.”

-Flaunt Magazine, October 2018

“Ceramist Jen Dwyer Uses 18th-Century Decorative Arts to Create Feminist Work That Challenges Artistic Hierarchies”

-Architectural Digest, October 2018