Life in the Desert

Life in the Desert


“Life in the Desert” by Alexis Kandra

Oil and metal foil on panel, 24" x 18”, NYC, 2017

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Born in 1991 in Pittsburgh, she followed a passion for art-making and the natural world to Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. 

After seeing countless migratory bird deaths from collisions with city buildings, Kandra began collecting bird specimens for The Academy of Natural Sciences. Inspired by the research at the museum, she made a series of paintings based on natural history dioramas. 

Alexis Kandra's paintings are portals into surreal parallel worlds, with unlikely animal interactions and theatrical settings. The grid acts as another dimension, or unseen structure behind the universe. Each painting tells a story about how complex and beautiful life can be.


Alexis Kandra continues making surreal diorama paintings after moving to New York City in 2013. 

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Life in the Desert by Alexis Kandra

Oil & metal on wood panel; 18"x24"; 2017

Cat and mouse in desert